Introduction to Swing-Trading - Why Swing Trade?
Swing trading is an active form of trading lying in the middle between day trading and trend trading. Trend following or long-term trading seeks to hold positions for many weeks or months for every trade. As the name implies, trend following requires a trend. The challenge is finding a trend. Most markets DON'T trend but a fraction of the time. It is said that markets are in congestion, the opposite of trending, as much as 75 to 85% of the time. This does not leave many opportunities to trade. CONTINUE READING

Is Universal 2.1 a "TYPICAL" trading system?
Not really? It fills a void in publicly offered trading systems. Most systems are either long-term or day-trade. Long-term systems require large moves which only happen about 15% of the time. (Most) Day-trading requires constant intraday monitoring (NOT our daytrade system!). Universal is a swing-trading sytem which focuses on 2 to 5 day moves which can happen all the time.

Universal 2.1 is now available with 2 NEW features to increase profitability.

The first is a TREND FILTER. Trading with the Trend has never been easier. Our new trend filter tries to identify the long-term trend and capture short-term profits in that direction. The second new feature is a "PULL BACK INDICATOR." How many times have you entered a trade on a big breakout only to see that big breakout pullback for several days. Sometimes, even knocking you out of the trade only to see the market then continue to move in the direction of the breakout. The new filter in Universal 2.1 makes the market pull back from the big move extreme before it enters a trade. Never buy the top of a move again. Never sell the low of the move again.

It can be easy to make money in trending markets. The key is to NOT give back the profits when the congestion invariably starts. Most long term systems get clobbered in congestions. Too bad. Because let's face it, markets can b in congestion 50 to 80% of the time. They aren't designed for short term swing trading. Universal was. My father, John R. Hill, believes the best money is made by trading the 2 to 5 day moves. That's the way he designed Universal in 1991. That's the way this current version works. It's average trade last only 3 or 4 days.

In HYPOTHETICAL testing, Universal 2.1 works across many market groups. It shows good profits with low drawdowns. It averages about 33 trades per year per market and is only in the market 37 to 40% of the time in these markets Of course PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT NECESSARILY INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS.

This is one possible portfolio for a medium to large account. It consist of what we consider to be the top two markets in each sector.

Universal Swing Trade System Equity Curve - Medium to Large Account Portfolio
Hypothetical Performance of the Universal Swing-Trade System.
Click on equity curve for larger image.

Universal Swing Trade System

Most diversified systems available today are "trend-following" in nature. Meaning they require some sort of long-term trend to be present in order to make money. History shows us conclusively that markets trend only about 15 to 20% of the time. The other 80 to 85% of the time, markets are in congestion. Markets do however show consistent 3 to 5 day "mini-trends". Universal 2.1 is a "Volatility Breakout" system. Volatility Breakout systems inherently trade more and may be ideal to capture profits in these types of markets.

You will receive a printed manual fully detailing the system AND the Tradestation program to test and trade the system.

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Universal 1.0 was originally designed in the early 90's and just updated with re-optimized numbers for each market. It originally sold for almost a thousand dollars. The manual teaches you how to swing trade futures, use risk control and portfolio design to try to capitalize on the exciting UP AND DOWN moves in commodity and financial futures. The manual is only $95 (less than a tenth it's original price) and is AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD.


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