Rubicon! Most long-term, trend following systems have a fatal flaw. They give back huge portions of their open trade profits. This is a result of using the same filter for entry and exit. By definition, a long-term system will require a dramatic move to get into a position. Conversely, a dramatic move against you is required to get OUT of a position. Rubicon was designed with a unique trailing stop methodology to allow the potential for tremendous profits to accumulate but still manage to hold on to more when the position is closed out.

The system comes with

• Fully Revealed Logic and Detailed Performance Records
• Tradestation Code
• Full, Life-Time Support After the Sale

The best part of the system is that Rubicon is visually based. The manual teaches you how to plot the Rubicon channel on daily or weekly charts. You then simply and quickly scroll thru the markets to see what is triggered.

A more up-to-date portfolio is available on the PDF download at the bottom of this page.

This is one possible portfolio for a medium to large account.

Rubicon Trend Following System Equity Curve - Medium to Large Account Portfolio
Hypothetical Performance of the Rubicon Trend Following System.
Click on equity curve for larger image.

Rubicon 2.0 with Position Sizing on Top 7 markets. Hypothetical Yearly Results

MARKET GROUPS Rubicon is profitable in hypothetical testing across all market groups. Sector performance is shown below. Note that the percent winners is under 50 in many commodities. I believe most money managers market calls are less than half right. The key is to make your winners count and cut your loses. Take Rubicon on Unleaded Gas for example. It shows only slightly better than one winner out of three trades. Yet, since the average win is almost two-and-a-half times bigger than the average loss, the average trade is a respectable 426. Of course past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. What follows are the computer tested results of trading 1 lots on Rubicon or Rubicon 2.0. No leverage or position sizing has been performed. 75 dollars per trade has been deducted from each trade for commission and slippage cost. A generous amount, I feel.

Rubicon is available for a special price of $325!

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